MUDr. Zdeněk Matějovský, CSc.

Mr. Matějovský is a graduated medical doctor and PhD for surgery, is fully specialized in both orthopedics and clinical oncology. He is a long term teacher and assistant professor in the Institute for postgraduate medical education and 1st Medical School, Charles University at the orthopedic clinic Teaching Hospital Bulovka Prague, where he is in charge of foreign medical students and doctors specializing in orthopedics. In this hospital he founded and for several years headed the Bulovka bone tissue bank. As the Czech national delegate for orthopedics in the European Union for Education in Medical Science he can compare educational standards in the European Union. He visited and practiced in several orthopedic hospitals in Europe, Japan and USA. He held hundreds of lectures in several international and national scientific meetings and published in international and national journals. As a member of several international and national societies he is one of the leading specialists in oncologic orthopedics.